So Near, and Yet So Far…

It feels like I’m really keeping true to the title of my blog. I still don’t like writing, and when I do, I still find it difficult to share. And so other than a brief appearance HERE right before New Year’s Eve, I’ve been kinda quiet…

Yes, there are updates. I can’t say too much right now. I don’t even understand it all right now. I wish I did. I will say this though: I believe God is taking me through a process that is shaping the rest of my natural life. And that’s huge. Already I have a much clearer picture of what I’m supposed to do with my life. More importantly, I’m learning why I have to do it. I’m learning how. And I’m learning with whom. And that’s the reason for this title. It feels like it’s there, and yet it’s not. But I’m not complaining…

I’m not complaining. I’ve learned (the hard way ) that the easiest way to ruin my life is for ME to take control of it. To make my own decisions & plan my own plans & do my own thing. If there is a higher power (and there is), I figure he knows best. And I’m enjoying the journey.

I have so much to write. Not just yet though. Give it a few more months. I mean, I knew 2014 was the year, but sheesh! It’s been an incredible journey so far. And it’s only just beginning.

I’m tired of sounding vague, so let me stop now. My big brother always used to say “Oluwa show working.” Oluwa is CERTAINLY showing working in my life right now, and I’m excited as to what the future holds.

Sidebar: Decided that I would only drink water for 100 days, as more of a challenge to myself than anything else. Now if you know me, your jaw is probably on the floor, because I’m the person that used to drink 5 bottles of Mountain Dew in one day. But that’s the old me lol. This is all in my quest to prove my body is not my master, and in 76 days I intend to enjoy a very very large gallon of juice, and at least three different cans of three different Fanta flavors lol.

Side-sidebar: Recently re-discovered Jesus Culture’s music and I haven’t been able to listen to anything else for a while now. Already got my ticket for the conference in Atlanta this August (hurt me BAD last year when I couldn’t get tickets), and that’s the only thing I’m looking forward to in the summer (right now). I wanna recommend something for you to listen to, but even though there’s 109 Jesus Culture songs on my phone, I can’t decide on just one right now. So just get on YouTube, type in Jesus Culture, pick a video at random & watch it. You’re welcome.

And yes. I will write a lot more in the coming weeks. I promise. Might even let one of the old drafts that’s been languishing in there for ages out. Maybe.


5 thoughts on “So Near, and Yet So Far…

  1. glowingscenes says:

    Coke addiction…that was me, I still have little traits though and I’m trying so hard to so without drinking something that is not water. I was so addicted the guy who always sold coke to me way back in school had to tell me he wasn’t going to sell to me again since I think I’d taken one that day. I felt I needed fast delivery of sugar to my brain and so I would drink up coke as an excuse whenever I had the chance to. But I’m trying now sha. lol

    Sometimes I console myself i can just take ribena. Ribena is enriched with vitamin This flesh of ours eh…
    But I’ll try. it’s good you’re up to it, pls keep us updated here.

    As for the reluctant writing thing, I guess the music thing will help and it’s good that you’re allowing God to take over the wheel of your life.
    first time here. cool blog 🙂

  2. mma says:

    I stumbled on this blog today,this is the 3rd post in reading and like someone commented I’m liking each post better than the previous one,for someone who’s an “unwilling writer” you are inspiring. Thank you for this post in particular

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