Papa Ajasco

National Arts Theatre

The picture of the National Arts Theatre in Lagos, Nigeria that inspired this post (thank you Viv)

Every major city has an iconic building/monument that just seems to epitomize all the city stands for; Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York has The Twin Towers or The Statue of Liberty, London has Big Ben, and as for Lagos, my home… The closest we got was the National Arts Theatre.

As a kid growing up in Lagos, I’d seen that building countless times as we drove by it, but then one random night, my uncle came to get me & said he was taking me there. It was one of the earlier “Night of a Thousand Laughs” concerts, and I was just in awe. Comedians told jokes my little brain could barely grasp, and the musicians of the day performed their big hits. I remember just absolutely losing it when Daddy Showkey who was like a local hero came out and performed. But the one thing that has stuck with me the most from that night, some fifteen years ago was watching the cast of Papa Ajasco on stage. For someone who grew up on TV, it was surreal to see all these people from my favorite TV show live on stage, doing skits I’d never before seen on TV. I think being in the same proximity as them might have been the highlight of my childhood. You have to understand, I LOVED that show, and for the next few weeks, whenever an episode came on, I was that annoying kid who turned around & said (for the 832839206th time) “You know I saw them live? Miss Pepeiye is not even that fine on stage.”

L-R: Boy Alinco, Ajasco, Pa James, Papa Ajasco, Mama Ajasco, Miss Pepeiye. Haaaaaaated the

L-R: Boy Alinco, Ajasco, Pa James, Papa Ajasco, Mama Ajasco, Miss Pepeiye. I haaaaaaated the “new” cast with a passion

I don’t remember all the specifics of that night, I just remember how it made me feel. It’s just one of those memories that will never go away, and I smile every time I think about it. When I first saw that picture, taken from a car driving past, it took me back. That was my view pretty regularly as a kid, and I used to wonder about the weirdly shaped building that just stood out from all the others around it. I remember it being a lot bigger on the inside than I expected, and strangely enough, I’ve never been back there. But that night from my childhood will always stay with me. And someday, I hope I can create memories with my kids and my nephews and nieces that will last them a lifetime too.

Music recommendation: If you know me, you know I am an absolute sucker for love songs. And for some reason, this week I’ve been extra feeling like I wanted to get married & have kids. Anyways, this is one of my favorite love songs. I mean, I love everything about this song; the lyrics, the melody, even the artwork

Only Wanna Be With YouSamm Henshaw – Only Wanna Be With You

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2 thoughts on “Papa Ajasco

  1. sisisingele says:

    Awww. Yay. I have never been in there before. I see it almost every day yet, I have never been inside the National Theatre.

    *side-eye* a 12 day gap is not the same as a 7 day window. Fizzup, please. :-*

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