Changing Times


Simpler times
When we didn’t have to worry
Not about food, and not about money
Not about now, and certainly not about the future
A time of innocence, where we could find joy in anything
Simpler times, spent putting smiles on loved ones faces
When we could hope & dream with no restraints
When the only validation we wanted was mom or dad saying “good job”
Blissfully ignorant of life and all it’s harsh realities
When all was provided, when we were sheltered..

Simple times
When we didn’t have to worry so much
A time of contradiction, of growth and stagnancy
A time unsure of who we are, but a time spent in self-discovery
A time when we had to make harder choices, and think on life a little deeper
When we craved independence almost as much as we craved the validation of our peers
Simple times, spent exasperating loved ones
When we could afford to make mistakes
(Heck, we were encouraged to)
When we had more responsibilities, but not enough accountability
A time of learning, a time of preparation
A time of being ready, but not quite..

These present times
When all you do is worry
About provision for the now, about the uncertainty of tomorrow
When love is less butterflies, more conscious choices and actions
Less puppies, more dogged persistence to fight through
When the reckless abandon from simpler times is long gone
When your thoughts are filled with what-ifs regarding moments past
When you finally have the independence you craved—and you hate it
When the freedom you so fought for is not all it’s cracked up to be
When others in their own simpler times start to lean on you
When validation from you matters the most to you
The ability to look in the mirror and be proud of the person you see
These present times, we’re determined to make the most of..

A time of naïveté, vs. a time of cunning
A time of hope, vs. a time of cynicism
A time to be carefree, vs. a time to be calculated
A time of dreamers, vs. a time of so-called realists

A time of youth, vs. a time of maturity.


Music recommendation: I love this song. I really do. I love how the song goes from barely whispering “wake up, child; it’s your turn to shine” to full on shouting “I’M GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD!!” Now more than ever, I need to hear this.

thumb_12_AwakeningJake Hamilton – The Anthem


4 thoughts on “Changing Times

  1. sisisingele says:

    I read it first *insert happy dance*
    I miss the simplest times. Even our sleeping and waking up had nothing to do with external alarm clocks… Now… Is this the life that was planned or is it a life that we chose. By our (in)actions, have we shaped this or had the Let There Bes been spoken long before we came into existence?

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