Number 5.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. To my credit, I’ve almost almost stopped writing, but I can’t stop myself from thinking, especially around important dates. I thought back to “a year ago” on my birthday, on Thanksgiving, on Christmas Day, on New Year’s Eve, and now, on your birthday. Continue reading


I have never wanted a son.

As much as I love kids, for as long as I can remember, I’ve never dreamed about raising a mini-me. I’ve never wondered what it would be like to teach him to love God, his wife, and Chelsea FC (in that order). I’ve always wanted a small family, and I’ve always wanted daughters. Continue reading

Changing Times


Simpler times
When we didn’t have to worry
Not about food, and not about money
Not about now, and certainly not about the future
A time of innocence, where we could find joy in anything
Simpler times, spent putting smiles on loved ones faces
When we could hope & dream with no restraints
When the only validation we wanted was mom or dad saying “good job”
Blissfully ignorant of life and all it’s harsh realities
When all was provided, when we were sheltered..

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A Few Thoughts, Vol. 3

* I hate hindsight. Hate how it makes you feel. Hate everything it represents. You’re supposed to get wiser as you get older, and hindsight has a way of making you feel foolish in the now, not in the past. Plus, who has ever experienced hindsight & patted themselves on the back like “I knew I handled that as well as I could have”? It typically just leaves you kicking yourself, so no thanks. Continue reading

A Few Thoughts, Vol. 2

* When I think about certain friends/friendships, I realize that they’re permanent, and no time nor space will ever make them cease. Doesn’t matter how long or how often we go we without speaking, we went through so much together, and nothing will ever change that. Whenever we do reconnect, it’s like nothing has changed. And I’m thankful for them.

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